KICK THE BUDDY HACK! UNLIMITED MONEY & GOLD! – Chuyên trang tải game miễn phí – Kho Game tổng hợp số 1 Việt Nam
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  1. Buddyman: Kick and Original Kick The Buddy is way better than this PLAYGENDARY Remaster of the game.

    PLAYGENDARY just buys bunch of old games, and adds so many inapp purchases turning this game into a Pay 2 Win game (Diamond subscriptions, remove ads and Blood on?) and removes main features (Leveling up to gain stars and use them to upgrade any weapon and powerups [Double Money, Double XP, No Mercy, Adrenaline, Wasp Bee Sting and etc.] and selection of blood types [Ketchup, Zombie Blood, Ink, Rainbow and Mechanical] ) and adds useless ones (when you kill buddy an ad unlockable only gift pops up or on some weapons you need to watch ads on specified times or absurd amount of game sponsors which again are made by PLAYGENDARY).

    My conclusion is: This game got adapted to so many cashgrab games which made it worse and this game is no more fun. I will never miss you.

    Farewell, Buddyman: Kick 2015, you will be missed.

  2. Buck 111111111111040
    Gold 111111111110784
    Coin 345561111111099
    Buddy 1.000000000000
    More Gold : 05;00.0000312
    Engel to make buddy bak to Alfie
    1234567890 buddy learns numbers & abc

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