How to MOD games using Filza file manger | IOS 11-12.4 JAILBREAK


How to MOD games using Filza file manger | IOS 11-12.4 JAILBREAK – Chuyên trang tải game miễn phí – Kho Game tổng hợp số 1 Việt Nam
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  1. Thanks, it looks like Filza also able to hack in-app purchases but I don’t know where exactly and what to put in for a certain purchase.

  2. This Only works on games that have lightly encrypted microtransactions… Bigger mobile game companies have heavily encrypted micro-transaction security to prevent people from doing stuff like this…Filza isn't mean to dig that deep into encrypted game files such as currency. Most games that are able to be tampered with like this are smaller developers( basically this will only work with trial and error, depending on the game you try it with)

  3. I did this on box tuber and I upgraded all of my upgrades so I’m 100 max I just restarted it 1st time (when on filza) then when you load do it again

  4. On most of my games the money thing isn’t popping up. I got all the way up to the final step but the money thingy wasn’t popping up for any of my games

  5. Will this work for NBA 2k20? I can't find the value for the in game currency. It just shows an uneditable file that accepts boolean values.

  6. hey man ive been looking everywhere to find a hack for a old game called pokerist(texas poker) its a game where you play for fake chips, unfortunately you have to pay for them. it is an online game however, i have heard of people hacking this game and i have no idea how. ive tried to change my chips with filza manager using uncover jailbreak but didnt seem to work. id appreciate if you could help me find something man

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