CS:GO – Hack to VAC #8 | VERY LEGIT MM GAME [Aimware v5]


CS:GO – Hack to VAC #8 | VERY LEGIT MM GAME [Aimware v5]
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  1. Hello I have a premade account and a no premade account.
    The one with premade was vac ban.
    Is it easier to take a ban ban with a premade account or is it the same?
    Is it safe to buy one with premade and use the cheats there?
    Thank you

  2. Good vid, as always. this happens to me sometimes, I'm le and when soloqueuing it matches me up against gn-sem

  3. I dont even use my main account for hacking but for some reason i got vaced on it. It didnt have much but still im annoyed about it!!!

  4. Gill, what would you recommend for someone who wants to try build a cheating YT channel?

    Also very good vidya again!

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